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What is EdiGreen

The EdiGreen Air Quality Monitoring family is designed to bring high-quality life for the community, and offers consistent recurring revenue for the management of EdiGreen Cloud services to our distributors. The three main benefits are:

  • EdiGreen 

    Smart air-quality detection system that provides quick, accurate and consistent environmental sensing data to help the community understand the surrounding air quality.

  • EdiGreen

    Secure, adaptive and customizable modular cloud architecture designed and compatible with various IoT applications that offer future expansions to trending cloud services.

  • Big Data 

    With air quality data collected and visualized on maps, charts and graphs, the big data can be analyzed and used by research facilities and communities.

Complete Solution for Various Vertical Markets 

Built for Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Real-Time Monitoring

Explore Your Data Visually

Thousands of EdiGreen sensing stations based on the same methodology platform provide data analysis and encode the data as visual objects. The visualized data can adapt to the needs of specific task of analysis for different devices on the move.

One Stop Solution Provider

EdiGreen provides innovative air quality monitoring solutions that enable our customers and partners with a fast integrated designed product including App development, data management system and cloud services for global deployment programs.

EdiGreen Powered by Edimax 

  • Real-time Data

  • 50+ Countries

  • 10,000+ Stations

Successful Case Studies

  • Taiwan 

    A pilot program was initiated with city governments, by building an IoT eco-system that raised public awareness of local air quality.

  • Korea

    A sustainable IoT business model was created in “making our environment better".

  • Emerging Markets

    Promote environmental education and developed healthier habitable cities with government EPA and local partners. 


EdiGreen AirBox

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Smart Air Quality Monitor

AI-1001W V2

  • Cloud: Connect to an advanced cloud network 24/7 so you can monitor data anytime and anywhere.
  • Push Notifications: Receive immediate alerts when PM2.5, temperature and humidity levels are dangerous.
  • Accurate :  Obtain precise real-time data at your current location instead of regional averages.
  • Analysis: Get data across different locations to understand trends, identify pollution hot spots or observe improvements over time.

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