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Healthy Life Starts with Good Air Quality 





How Indoor Air Pollution Harms Your Health

  • For Children

    Protect children's health. Children are often more vulnerable to environmental hazards than adults.

  • For Seniors

    Seniors are prone to losing their sense of smell and may not be able to react to harmful air quality and conditions which may be dangerous.

  • For Allergic Group

    Allergic groups who are more sensitive when air quality is bad.  Especially when air exposure is unavoidable. 

Visual Information of Data Analysis


The Most Advanced Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solutions for Home and Environmental Enthusiasts

  • 7-in-1 Sensor

  • Smart App

  • 24/7 Data Feed & Alert

Your Best Air Quality Guard in the House

  • Real-time Data

    Quick access to view air quality levels in your favorite indoor areas.

  • Historical Tracking

    Analyze past reading to improve the air quality efficiently.

  • Intuitive Display

    Display of the levels of present air quality of each sensor.

Elegant Design to Fit in Modern Homes & Offices

With an elegant front LED ring and four pollutant-specific LED, the EdiGreen Home blends into modern homes and complements décor with its smooth edge and quick-glance information. 

Easy Setup!

Set up An Ingenious Home Air Quality Monitoring System in Seconds.

  • 1.

    Power on your AI-2002W. System status LED will start flashing in red to indicate it is waiting to be wirelessly paired.  

  • 2.

    Download the"EdiGreen Home"app from App Store or GooglePlay.

  • 3.

    Connect AI-2002W to Wi-Fi and use your app for setup. When the system status LED turns blue, setup is completed.

7-in-1 Multi-Functional Sensor Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution


  • Accurate monitoring of PM2.5, PM10, CO2, HCHO, TVOC, temperature and humidity, so you’re aware of the air you breathe.
  • Discover air quality of the indoor environment by providing historical data and trends.
  • Analyze historical readings and observe the current levels. 
  • Alert you when air quality is reaching dangerous levels.
  • At a glance, see your air quality immediately on LED display or EdiGreen Home app.

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